Bankart/Slap surgeries

Bankart/Slap surgeries


What is Bankart Lesion (Tear)?

Bankart lesion is a tear of the rim below the middle of the glenoid socket that also involves the inferior glenohumeral ligament. This injury is caused by repeated anterior shoulder dislocations. The dislocation of the shoulder joint can damage the connective tissue ring around the glenoid labrum.

What is SLAP Lesion (Tear)?

SLAP lesion (Superior Labrum, Anterior to Posterior) is a tear of the rim above the middle of the socket that may also involve the biceps tendon.

What is a meniscus tear?

As you get older, the cartilage in your knees wears down and gets weaker. This thinner cartilage can tear more easily. Arthritis (a breakdown of cartilage in the joints) can also lead to a meniscus tear.

What are the causes for Bankart / SLAP tear?

Acute Bankart / SLAP tears happen when you fall down on your outstretched hand, a direct blow to the shoulder, sudden pull while lifting heavy object and violent overhead reach, such as when trying to stop a fall or slide. Bankart / SLAP tears due to repetitive shoulder motion is common in athletes that practice volleyball, tennis, handball, throwing athletes, weightlifters and people who do overhead activities.

What are the symptoms of Bankart / SLAP tears?

Common symptoms of Bankart / SLAP tears include:

A sense of instability in the shoulder

Shoulder dislocations

Pain, usually with overhead activities

Catching, locking, popping, or grinding

Occasional night pain or pain with daily activities

Decreased range of motion

Loss of strength

How the Bankart / SLAP tears treated?

There are various options depending on the type of tear, your age, activity level and requirements. Options will be discussed with you

When the Bankart / SLAP tear surgery is indicated?

Surgical treatment is indicated when,

Your tear was caused by a recent, acute injury

Your symptoms have lasted 6 to 12 months

You have a recurrent shoulder dislocations

You have significant weakness and loss of function in your shoulder

How Bankart / SLAP lesion repaired?

Usually done under the combined brachial block and general anesthesia. The surgeon makes two small key holes in the shoulder to insert an arthroscope into the joint. At first complete visualization of the shoulder joint done to assess the structures. The torn Bankart / SLAP tear is reattached to the glenoid rim using suture anchors. The entire surgery performed through a minimally-invasive arthroscopic procedure and all inside technique.

How long do I need to stay in the hospital after the Bankart / SLAP repair?

Many Bankart / SLAP repairs are done on day-care basis and do not require you to stay overnight in the hospital.

How will be my recovery after Bankart / SLAP repair?

You will be advised simple shoulder exercises immediate post-surgery and shoulder immobilizer for 3 weeks followed by shoulder exercises as per the protocol. You can return to all normal activities and sports in 3 months

What will happen if Bankart / SLAP tear not repaired?

If you have a Bankart / SLAP tear and you keep using it despite increasing pain, you may cause further damage. The shoulder muscles may become weak and eventually leads to recurrent shoulder dislocations.